Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear 15 Year Old Sinead

Dear 15 Year old Sinead

8 years on, quite a few kilos heavier, a university degree down and living in a different country. Haven’t you come along way from your private school girl world, traipsing around Perth City.

You are yet to experience the meaning of true love, and it will take you until you are 22, and many not nice boyfriends to understand the meaning. When he cheats, leave him. Don’t take him back for the 15th time. When he calls you names, don’t cry- just leave. He is not worth your tears. Neither is the one after him. And the one after him aswell. You’ll find your one through your best friend, and after a few months you’ll move across the world to be with your English Backpacker because he makes you feel happier than you have ever felt before. Its worth it.

ALWAYS go with your heart.

You’ll go to University after scraping through High School with not studying, and meet a girl there who you originally think is a stuckup little so&so. She ends up being your other best friend and you are there in a dashing pink dress at the altar while she marries her soulmate. University life is amazingly fun. But study abit harder.

DON’T start smoking. It took over a year to quit, cost you a lot of shopping money and hindered your ability to just have a casual drink with your friends.

You have experienced a loss of a friend already, and her death will haunt you. As you get older, friends parents will die, grandparents will die and your pet of 14 years will die. Treasure all your experiences with people.

Mum and Dad were right about most things, and will always give you the independence to make your own decisions. They don’t judge you for taking those “boys” back, but they wish you hadn’t.

When you leave school, don’t eat junk food everyday because at the age of 23, although you are not fat, you are definitely not a size 8 anymore. Start exercising so you don’t have to go to zumba twice a week with your mother in law.

Australia will always be your home, but you are itching to travel and live in different cultures, closer to your extended family. You’ll have a stint in Ireland, but a little something called the GFC will make you reconsider your move, and you’ll take a chance on England- even though you originally hated the grey, cold place.

Don’t stress about jobs and money. There is more to life. Follow your gut.

You haven’t found your niche in the media world yet, you are looking after children at the moment, but you are happy and will find your way.

Just be happy.

And stop going to McDonalds after school. It’s going straight to your ass.


Your 23 year old self.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Recession? Smession...

I'm wallowing in my own self pity.
And at 21 years of age, that's pretty damn sad.

I have everything going for me, but is that enough for a egotistic child of the 90's who was given everything she wanted by her parents- and now if they dont give it o her, she goes straight for the banks. BAD MOVE

I live in a recession-free country, Australia. How is it that even without having a recession, thousands of people are losing their jobs, businesses are cutting back on EVERYTHING and our dollar, along with every other countries, has fallen. Oh, and dont forget the fact that supperannuation is down enormously, and interest rates are the lowest they have been since before I was born.

So I'm newly single, live at home with my parents, have my own bills to pay and job, that although I hate- pays for my binge drinking and for those bills that give me the latest technology.

Yet, I have a degree from University that I am yet to put into practice. Why? Because there are no jobs in Australia. Or anywhere.

I agree, Obama, there is time for change. At least if we admit to a recession Mr Rudd, we might catch up with how the 20 million Aussies are feeling right now.